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Golisi has seen tremendous growth and use in vaping equipment, portable lighting, and home-tools. All Golisi chargers have passed CE, ROHS EMC, FCC tests, and batteries have passed CE, ROHS, MSDS, UN38.3, IEC62133 tests,  Golisi is your choice for safe, reliable and powerful batteries:


26650 battery S43 (4300mah, 35a): not long after its launch, was highly prized by Mooch as one of the top three 26650s in market.


21700 battery S35 (3750mah, 40a: A prominent reviewer in the US made a comparison between Golisi S35 and Samsung 40T, results shown the 2 cells’ performances are almost same. This is the first time ever a made-in-china 21700 can compete with an international famous brand.

18650 battery S30 (3000mah, 50a): on the Shenzhen IECIE Vape Talent Show, April 2017, vapor Xiaosheng won the final game with 50K RMB award. He chose GOLISI  as his companion through this game.

Golisi is and will continue to be an active participant in vape shows and expositions worldwide.  We’d like to work with more geekers and champions to empower fun devices, make big clouds!



Please keep in mind that each Golisi charger comes with a unique validation code, scratch off to validate here




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